Why Keller Williams Realty?

Are you newly licensed and looking for the right firm? New Year, New Career on that resolution list? How do you find the perfect agency that fit your needs? I don't know the answer to the last question, however I will share some amazing facts about Keller Williams Realty!

I am a proud Keller Williams Agent and I love everything this company stands for. I could probably write a short story based on my experiences at Keller Williams and a list of what I love about my company. Let's just stick to reasons that you may benefit from immediately. Shall we? Great!

Three Main Reasons Keller Williams may be the perfect choice for you.

1. Education: Keller Williams is an education and training based company who just happens to sell real estate! That was a powerful statement that I read online, it's Keller Williams slogan.

After being with a luxury company that provided no training, which caused me to feel extremely lost, that statement alone lured me in. Most KW offices have trainings almost everyday! Diana Kokoszka founder of B.O.L.D ( Business Objective: a Life by Design) was once a KW agent! This is a training that goes deep into mindset and limiting beliefs that hold you back from success. On a average an agent that attends B.O.L.D. (and gives it 100%) does anywhere from 12-14 transactions in just 7 weeks! Talk about Amazing Results!!

Ignite is another course taught at KW as a guide to jump-start their business. My team leader will tell you that I attended every class. Coming into real estate can be overwhelming. At KW, I was overwhelmed with knowledge. A great problem to have if you ask me. Where do I start? What is most important? When will I get my first listing? Start with IGNITE! Follow the 4 rules I promise it will bring you clarity.

2. Capping: You pay the company $30,000 and your commissions after that payout is all yours! Correct me if I'm wrong, not many companies out there care about how much their staff makes. Agents have capped in as little as 4 months! It is very possible! Capping allows you to make more money and keep more money. Isn't that the goal?

3. Profit Share: An investment that doesn't require any money down. No money down isn't even the best part, wait for it......... NO RISK! Sounds to good to be true? Nope, just Too Good. Profit share is awarded to KW agents who introduce another producing agent to our company. What happens is, the person that you introduce, makes a sale. 50% of their commission check goes into a pool. You get a percentage of that pool direct deposited into you account on the 21st of the month. After being a KW agent for 3 years and a day, as long as your downline is producing. The money will continue to be deposited into your account. Residual income, even if for some "strange" reason you decide that you no longer want to be with KW. WIN/WIN

Want more information? Give me a call. Let's make your real estate goals a reality!